What is the best way to master a skill?


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Jerry Seinfeld, the famous comedian , gave a surprisingly effective advice on how to master the skill you're most interested in (in his case, being a better comic).

He said that in order to be a better comic, he had to create better jokes, and in order to create better jokes, he had to write daily.

That's a pretty common advice you'd find anywhere. The thing which stood out was the way he implemented this routine.

He asks people to get a big calendar and a marker. Each day - after you complete your task of writing - simply cross that date on the calendar. After a few days, you'll have a chain for yourself which you'd not want to break. Your only job will be to not break the chain!

Don't break the chain!

Want to learn how to play a guitar?

Just play everyday for 1 hour. It doesn't matter how terrible you are in the beginning. If you practice and improve daily, you will definitely be above average in an year.

Want to learn how to dance?

Karen X. Cheng learned how to dance in one year by practising everyday!
Karen X. Cheng每天練習,一年就學會了跳舞!

Want to learn website development?

Create a new website every day! Jen Dewalt made 180 Websites in 180 days which helped her learn about web development.
每天都做一個新網頁!Jen Dewalt在180天內做了180個網頁,學會了網頁開發。

I myself have written code everyday for the past 5 years which helped me become a programmer despite not studying Computer Science in college.


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Practice it for 10,000 hours

The key denominator is actually hard work. A lot of it, in fact. About 10,000 hours of it. That’s roughly 3 hours every day, for 10 consecutive years, before any one of them began to be defined as the ‘expert’ in their field.

Consider it as a leveling-up abilities:

●at 1 hour, you know some basics

●at 10 hours, you have a pretty good grasp of the basics

●at 100 hours, you are fairly expert

●at 1000 hours, you are an experienced expert

●at 10000 hours, you are a master